You may have heard of the  ‘golden ratio‘  or Phi as the ancient Greeks called it.  (1/1.61803399)

It is a ratio found nearly everywhere in nature.

When things combine in this ratio they seem to us more beautiful. If you study a pleasing face you will find many features of the face have relationships to each other that fit very well with Phi. This number is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence, which is nature‚Äôs trick for efficiency. Seed packing in sunflowers and seashell growth are good examples. It seems that evolution has programmed us to be pleased by this ratio. It usually means good health and good genes and so we are attracted to these features. If you would like to know more about Phi have a look here:-

I try to find the Phi in all the subjects I photograph. It is a measure of perfection and purity in nature and if I can capture colour, shape and form with Phi in the composition then I feel I get closer to the beauty.

These abstract images are my effort to find Phi in the visual word.