Street photography may be an endangered species.

We have, in western society, a precious and historic collection of street images going back well over 100 years. The best collections of street photographs are from Britain, France and the USA where this tradition has been very strong in the past. All those fantastic pictures from the past of people going about their everyday lives, the clothes of that time, of children playing in the streets and of interesting buildings that are now gone are historical documents that we should treasure.

Heightened sensitivity from authorities about terrorism and child protection have made photographers very nervous about taking pictures in public for fear of being branded as potential criminals. You are in fact protected under the law, in England and many other countries, and can take photographs without permission in any public place. Obviously places like airports, military bases and private property are out of bounds and I am always respectful if someone is uncomfortable with a camera pointed at them.

Like many of you I love people watching. Here are a few images of magic people moments I have spotted. Get out there with your camera or smart phone and snap away. If we do not carry this tradition on, these moments will be lost forever.